Food Waste Chutes Installation

food-wasteFast, Clean Food Waste Disposal

In any commercial or domestic environment, food waste isn’t something you want lying around. Food waste isn’t just unpleasant and unhygienic; it can also attract pests and vermin. And that’s something that no landlord or commercial business wants to happen.

Waste Chute System’s easy-to-use, easy-to-clean food waste chutes make it simple to dispose of food waste and collect it in a single storage area far away from residents or consumers. Simply load food waste into one of our easy-to-clean hopper doors, and your refuse will be transported to a compactor or collector in the building’s basement.

Our team of experts can design food waste chutes to suit any building, making use of a range of materials and creating chutes of almost any size.

Gravity Feed Food Waste Chutes – Technical Information

Material: stainless steel T430, stainless steel T304, or concrete
Diameter: 450 – 600mm as standard, other diameters available on request
Thickness: Minimum steel sheet thickness of 1.2mm (18 Gauge)
Doors: Available in a range of sizes, tested to resist fire and smoke
Additional Components: Deadpan 1010 sound damping, control panels and automated cleaning systems are all available as required

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