Hi-Rise Recycling Chutes from Waste Chute Systems

Recycle KeyboardQuickly Sort and Collect Recyclable Materials

The government and environmental agencies have set a number of recycling targets that homes and businesses must reach in the coming years – and local councils are receiving funding to ensure that environmental targets are met.

Waste Chute Systems’ range of recycling chutes are a fast, cost-efficient way to bring any high rise structure closer to meeting the government’s recycling demands.

Separate your Recycling with Bi and Tri-Separators

Our range of recycling chutes are comprised of a control hopper, a separator and a container.

The user chooses a destination for their material using the hopper, and the bi or tri-separator then funnels the waste towards the correct container at ground or basement level. Bi-separators will funnel waste to either a refuse bin or a recycling bin, whereas a tri-separator provides a third option, allowing different types of recyclable materials to be sent to different destinations.

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